MSRI Public Safety Documents

Welcome to the MSRI Public Document Site! This page contains different types of safety related materials which have been generated based on near miss/close call and injury reports within the MSRI. A brief description of each type of safety document is provided below.

Ergonomic and Safety Discussion Papers are short white papers on a safety topic requested by an industry partner or of general interest to industry.. This is the most detailed safety document within the Document Portal, and it provides the reader with definitions, pictures, factual information, discussions, and additional academic and industry resources/references.

Ergo and Safety Discussion Papers

Tool Box Talks are intended to facilitate health and safety discussions on specific job hazards. This can be used as a tool within an organization to promote safety culture or to remind the workers of safety issues. Tool Box Talks are usually 1-2 pages in length and provide a very general overview of the safety hazard/concern.

Tool Box Talks

Corrective Actions are tools used to communicate with workers specific behaviors or actions that can be implemented to improve performance or behavior. Generally a corrective action is implemented after a near miss, or injury to prevent the same incident from reoccurring.

Corrective Actions

Lessons Learned are tools used to communicate knowledge gained from experience that can help, or impact the safety and performance of the workers in the future so that an action or behavior is not repeated. The format of a typical lessons learned document is a table which has the hazard or incident that lead to the lesson learned, paired with the detailed lesson learned.

Lessons Learned

Safety Spotlights are generated based on data from the near miss and injury databases and are used to put the spotlight on specific hazards and unsafe behaviors or activities. The purpose is to increase safety awareness and provide small amounts of information to hand out, or present at safety meetings that should initiate discussion on that particular safety topic.

Safety Spotlights

The MSRI public documents represent only a sample of the work that has been done within the MSRI in conjunction with our industry partners. Industry Partners have full access to the incident databases, and a full library of safety related documents. To learn more information about the benefits of becoming an industry partner, please click here.

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