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Welcome to the Mariner Safety Research Initiative (MSRI) Industry Partners Site! The ABS MSRI, a.k.a. the Mariner Personal Safety (MPS) project, is a collaborative effort to create a large international database and online repository of maritime injury and close call (near miss) reports. The information is being analyzed to identify trends, corrective actions, lessons learned, and to develop benchmarking statistics. The MSRI has collected more than 100,000 injury and close call records from 31 data sources. The MSRI's database is referred to as Nereus (the first sea god). MSRI documents are adorned with Nereus's symbol along with the saying "Always Be Safe".

This portion of the website is only available to industry partners and is completely password protected. You will be able to gain access to the near miss and injury databases, the Mariner Safety Document Center which contains all safety related materials including toolbox talks, safety spotlights, lessons learned, corrective actions, and more safety tools to use within your organization. Please see the "Points of Contact" page to request additional information or find out more about the MSRI.

Near miss database contains over 80,000 records of near misses collected from various sources.

Near Miss Database

Injury database contains over 8,500 records of injuries collected from various sources.

Injury Database

Mariner Safety Document Centers contains safety documents from various sources.

Mariner Safety Document Center

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