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Welcome to the Zhu Lab!


Welcome to Dr. Weihang Zhu's Lab in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Lamar University. This lab started off in August 2005 as a Haptics Lab with 5 sets of PHANTOM Omni haptic devices from SensAble Technologies, Inc. Since then, the lab has experienced significant growth beyond haptics in research and infrastructure.

The Lab is located at Lucas Engineering Building Room 242. Currently the Lab is equipped with Alienware Workstation, Oculus Rift HMD, Dell Workstations with nVidia GPU, mobile workstation, Apple iMac, MacBook Pro, 13 Robix Rascal robots, 5 sets of PHANTOM Omni haptic devices, 5 sets of Novint Falcon haptic devices, 5 sets of TriLogi PLCs, a NextEngine 3D scanner, an Alaris 3D printer, zSpace STEM station, RFID equipment, Makerbot Replicator 2, Anet A8 3D FDM Printer, Laser Engraver, Structure 3D Sensor, Lego Mindstorm Robot, uARM robotic arm, 360 Fly 4K camera, many Arduino/BeagleBone Black, embedded system and IoT accessories; PTC Creo CAD/CAM/CAE packages, Autodesk Fusion 360, Rhino3D, Ansys, Fluent, Matlab, R, SPSS, Unity3D, 3DS Max, Maya, Arena, AnyLogic, CPlex, AIMMS, etc.

Prospective Students:

Prospective students may contact Dr. Weihang Zhu by emailing "Weihang DOT Zhu AT Lamar DOT edu" for more information. For admission information, please send emails to "IEAdmissionLamar AT Gmail DOT com".

Funding priority for Graduate Students:

  1. Doctor of Engineering ($1,500/month stipend)
  2. Master of Engineering Science with thesis ($1,000/month stipend)
  3. Master of Engineering, Master of Engineering Management

Maintained by Weihang Zhu, Department of Industrial Engineering, College of Engineering, Lamar University

Last Updated by Weihang Zhu on Dec 15, 2016