Mariner Safety Research Initiative

The Mariner Safety Research Initiative (MSRI) is a product of the collaborative effort between American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Lamar University, and International Industry Partners. The MSRI includes a large international database of more than 100,000 maritime injury and close call (near miss) reports from over 31 data sources.

The incident databases have enabled us to create the MSRI, a public forum to share safety related materials and resources with not only industry partners, but the maritime industry as a whole. The incident data has been analyzed to identify trends, possible causes and lessons learned and develop safety related guidance materials including benchmarking statistics and relevant training tools. The overall goal of the MSRI is to improve mariner safety through sharing these data findings and providing safety related documents in a useable context.

The MSRI is broken up into two parts: the Public Site and the Industry Partner Site. The public site includes a general “sampling” of the documents and information that is available to the MSRI Industry Partners. The Industry Partner site remains password protected and will continue to only be accessible to those who have shared injury and near miss incident reports with us. To learn more about how to become an industry partner, please click here.

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